Monday, April 28, 2008

Reverend Jeremiah Wright's Speech on Change

I was able to view the entire speech delivered by Rev. Jeremiah Wright last night as he was honored by the Detroit NAACP and I was impressed. I knew a lot about him before the speech due to viewing his sermons on TV, but this speech was informative, dynamic, funny and real. This speech was an opportunity for the world to hear his words in its entirety without being edited by the media. So CNN must be commended on showing this speech along with its commentary afterwards. Rev. Wright articulated what those of us who attend "the African-American" church feel on each Sunday. He spoke of the differences between cultures and how some people view those differences as being difficient. As he stated, "its just different", no one is superior. The only area that I think that there might be a debate is how he generalized the differences in how those of African decent and European decent learn. I believe that 90% of what he said in those statements was true, however he should have stated that 'some' us learn differently than whites. We do have some in our community who are just straightforward and analytical, while others are very creative and vice versa for Europeans. There are some white kids that cannot analyze a thing, but they can create art or sing. That broad brush that was painted as it relates to the learning styles is the only thing that I do not agree with 100%.With being that said, I admired what he said and how he said that he is "running for JESUS"; that statement was very powerful. In essence, he was saying that the media cannot make him shut up because GOD is first in his life. He was able to differientiate himself from Senator Obama while also supporting him.For those who say that he should just shut up I say: I believe that he doesn't have to duck and hide for anybody because his sermons are used to uplift a people who have been downtrodden since the day we have been here. Look at the ministries that they perform to serve the community.To the Republican commentator that said that he is capitalizing on this media coverage to write a book and make money I say: It doesn't matter if Senator Obama was running for President or not, Rev. Wright would still be making his rounds and performing revivals and attending functions. That is an indication that the 'world' does not know nor understand the African-American church. Ministers are always on the road delivering sermons and being that he is retiring, I would think that he has already planned to write a book that talks about his 40 years in the ministry.In conclusion, I would like to say that Senator Obama does not have to answer every question about everything that Rev Wright has said, and especially about last night's speech. He was not angry nor devisive, so if Senator Obama chooses to be POLITICAL and dismiss the speeech as divisive or racist, then he has lost a vote from me. It means that has sold out his soul to get the Presidency. You don't have to agree with every word the man said but let's be real and agree that most of what he said was right on point. Just look at the responses from the CNN staff Tony Sanchez, Soledad O'Brien and Roland Martin.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Reaction To Obama's Speech

I am forty years old and this was one of the most moving and inspiring speeches that I have ever heard. My parents have Malcolm and Martin to speak of when talking about their contemporaries, but I now have Barack Obama. I think that this was one of the best, if not best speeches about race in history. It was honest as he talked about the racial divide on both black and white. He made it personal regarding his grandmother who is white and his preacher who is black. Man, I was almost brought to tears because it is true that we all have these private sentiments and don't want to face it in public. I can understand the fiery speeches and preachings of the likes of a Rev. Jeremiah Wright because of the era that he came from. My father-in-law has some pent up hatred because of the way he was treated while fighting for the U.S.A. in Korea that he always tells me. I know of some white resentment as well and understand it. But my generation, who came from the tail end of the civil rights era, had to deal with school busing and some minor overt racism. However, Obama is talking to the generation of my young daughter and telling them that it can be a better way. The old way is dying out and there must be a new way of dealing with race, but we must face the fact that it has and does exist. He did a wonderful job of addressing the issue. I have the utmost respect for him for not throwing his Pastor under the bus, because I have a strong black Pastor and will not do that as well. However he had to differentiate himself from his beliefs and his Reverend's. I hope that America see that he made a courageous step today and for that I am still a supporter. I was skeptical of how he might handle this but he handled it head on, like a true leader. Others would have brushed it aside, but he made a pivotal speech. Truthfully, this incident might have been the best thing for his campaign because the truth will come out of the voters. Do we want status quo (Hillary) or do we want true change (Obama). GOD Bless him.